Lumicrest Cellar


LUMICREST CELLAR is a division of Lumicrest International Limited, dedicated to conduct alcohol beverages trade. Lumicrest International Limited was founded in Hong Kong as a trading company since 2006.


We promote and distribute the finest selected alcoholic beverage with passion and professionalism.

We work closely with our producers partners as well as our distribution partners.

Thanks to our professional sourcing team overseas, we are able to choose and establish excellent relations with our producer partners. We ensure the perfect transmission of the identity and value of the products as well as of its quality and authenticity. Meanwhile, our sales team is in immediate proximity to the SE Asian and Mainland China’s importers and distributors, where we have a perfect understanding of the markets. We not only bring amazing products throughout Asia, but also strive to work hand in hand with our distribution partners for their developments.


  • To propose various genuine products, bringing more choices to customers other than commonness.
  • To Lead new trends and lifestyle with quality products.
  • To promote traditional taste as well as authentic new varieties.
  • To esteem quality oriented products.


Every of LUMICREST CELLAR members are not only working with passion, they also have relevant knowledge with years of experience in the beverage trading industry, LUMICREST CELLAR’s experts carefully source and select the greatest products from the most respected producers in order to give drink lovers the opportunity to discover and enjoy exceptional products with excitement, that said, some important factors are taken into consideration while we select our products:
  • Quality: We evaluate produce through strict criteria by our experienced expert’s eyes, nose and palate.
  • Authenticity: We ensure that our selected products are all from the best of their origins. The producers respect the savoir-faire of their natives to get the best original products. We select the best produce from the best origins…
  • Flavor: Not only we respect the drinking and dining preferences of the consumers, we endeavour to bring original taste other than normality


The above criteria set by our experts are as well as our commitment to our distribution partners and to our consumers. We guarantee the original taste to our customers. All products are produced and packed at their origins. We oblige ourselves from transportation to stock keeping, to preserve the taste that the producers would like to deliver. While these factors are the key words of our value, our fundamental “Working together, enrich together” culture is anchored in our mind. We are conscious that both of our producers and distribution partners all play an important role to our ambition. That’s why we put our best effort for our partners to gain their legitimate interests. Fair trade is one of our key to success. We understand that responsible business practice is an important element to guarantee a fair and sustainable development.